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Kada/Wakayama and Kamikatsu/Tokushima

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This keyword has been much talked about around the world in recent years. But what kind of specific measures are there?
Sometimes they are implemented in a remote mountain area, and sometimes on a small deserted island.
Even if each one is small, they are important initiatives that will connect us to the future. We offer a trip to learn about and experience them.

A trip to explore a sustainable way of life while visiting
two areas in which the Nankai Group is strong


Kamikatsu-cho is the first municipality in Japan to announce a “zero waste” policy.
People living in this town sort their garbage into 45 types. In addition, the town has achieved a recycling rate of 80% by people voluntarily bringing the separated waste to the only “garbage station” in the town.

garbage station


A scenic port town located in the northwest area of Wakayama City.
In addition to using fishing methods that take the environment and resources into consideration, we are also making efforts such as conducting research and studies to improve the problem of marine waste.
Established as a sustainable fishing village centered on SDG No. 14 “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans.”

Scenery of Kada

Tour itinerary (3 nights/4 days)

Day 1Kada, Wakayama Prefecture

Breakfast : Not providedLunch : Not providedDinner : Provided
Kyukamura Kishu-Kada
Medetai train
rib boat
Kada Port
Meeting point Kada Station
  • Walk around Kada - Kada Station ⇒ Kada Port - (with an English speaking guide)
  • Private RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) Boat Adventure Cruise around Tomogashima
  • Walk around Kada - Kada Port ⇒ Kada Station - (with an English speaking guide)
Check-in shuttle service: Kada Station ⇒ Kyukamura Kishu-Kada
Dinner at the hotel

Day 2Kada, Wakayama Prefecture ⇒ Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture

Morning : ProvidedLunch : Not provided Dinner : Provided
Tsukigatani Onsen Tsuki no Yado
Miyama 1st Gun Battery Site
The view from the observatory
Zero Waste Center

Early morning walk group (Miyama 1st Gun Battery Site/Observation Deck)

Voluntary participation in hotel events

Breakfast at the hotel
Check-out shuttle service : Kyukamura Kishu-Kada ⇒ Kada Station
Nankai Electric Railway Kada Station ⇒ Wakayamashi Station ⇒ Wakayamako Station
Nankai Ferry Wakayama Port ⇒ Tokushima Port
Hire car shuttle service Tokushima Port ⇒ Kamikatsu-cho (Lunch with the English guide on the way to Kamikatsu-cho)
Experience Tour of the Zero Waste Center
Dinner at the hotel

Day 3Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture

Morning : ProvidedLunch : ProvidedDinner : Provided
Tsukigatani Onsen Tsuki no Yado
Kashihara Terraced Paddy Field
Mt. Yamainudake Trekking
Kamikatsu Kayabuki School
Breakfast at the hotel
  • Mt. Yamainudake Trekking, Kashihara Terraced Paddy Field
  • Kamikatsu Kayabuki School - Lunch and bancha experience -
Dinner at the hotel

Day 4Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture

Breakfast : ProvidedLunch : Not providedDinner : Not provided
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out
Hire car shuttle service Kamikatsu-cho ⇒ Ikkyu Chaya ⇒ Kanjo Falls ⇒ Tokushima Port or Tokushima Station
End of the tour


Day 1Kada, Wakayama

Walk around the city

You will walk around the port town of Kada with its historical atmosphere while listening to the explanation of the interpreter guide.

Walk around the city

RIB boat

You will learn about the culture and history of the area around Tomogashima in a private RIB boat piloted by a local fisherman who knows the waters in the area well.

RIB boat1
RIB boat2 RIB boat3

Day 2Kamikatsu-cho,
Tokushima Prefecture

Zero Waste Center

Participate in a study tour where Zero Waste Center staff members introduce the facilities and explain the history of garbage in Kamikatsu-cho.

study tour1
study tour2 study tour3 study tour4

Day 3Kamikatsu-cho,
Tokushima Prefecture

Mt. Yamainudake
Trekking, Kashihara
Terraced Paddy Field

Height above sea level: 997 m. A fantastic space with a forest of moss, one of the largest in Japan, and a group of huge stones extends before you.

Terraced Paddy Field

Kamikatsu Kayabuki School- Lunch and bancha experience -

The thatched-roofed Hananotei, which stands on a hill overlooking the terraced paddy field, is a precious old house restored with local materials and locally transmitted techniques.
Experience globally rare Kamikatsu Awa-bancha made by lactic fermentation.

Kamikatsu Kayabuki School1
Kamikatsu Kayabuki School2 Kamikatsu Kayabuki School3 Kamikatsu Kayabuki School4


Kada options

  • Single-hook fishing experience
  • Tomogashima sightseeing
Tomogashima Steamship
Tomogashima Battery Remains

Tokushima options

  • Accommodation : HOTEL WHY
  • Dinner : RISE & WIN Brewing Co.
  • Mt. Irodori and Irodori Experience
  • Extended stay in Naruto City
  • Honke Matsuura Brewery (tour)
  • Naruto Whirlpools Private Cruise
  • Awaodori Kaikan
RISE&WIN Brewing Co. Awaodori Kaikan Honke Matsuura Brewery (tour) Naruto Whirlpools Private Cruise

What is and is not included in the tour

What is included in the tour

  • Accommodation charges
  • Breakfast 3 times, lunch 1 times, dinner 3 times
  • Travel expenses during the tour (Nankai Electric Railway, Nankai Ferry, Transportation hire)
  • Experience fees and admission fees
  • English speaking guide (at each spot)
  • Other expenses and associated taxes and service charges

Not included in the tour

  • Airline ticket
  • Transportation costs to the meeting point
  • Additional beverage costs incurred locally
  • Option costs


About acceptance of requests

We accept requests for this plan.

After receiving your inquiry, we will check the availability and we will let you know if it is possible to make a reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Up to 21 days before 0%
20 to 8 days before 20%
7 to 2 days before 30%
The previous day 40%
On the day (before departure) 50%
On the day
(after the departure time, without contacting us)

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