KOYASAN shukubo

Some temples provide the accommodation service as Shukubo (Temple Lodging), you can get special experience at there.

  • Main Gate

    This is the entrance to a shukubo. Each shukubo has a different style and stateliness, and different tastes that reflect its role and the era in which it was built.

  • Main Hall (Hondo)

    his is the heart of the shukubo, where the main Buddhist statue is enshrined. If you stay overnight, you can take part in a traditional training ritual where the head priest will chant a sutra here.

  • Garden

    The gardens are where each shukubo expresses its moments of relaxation. Koyasan has shukubo with gardens that have felt the touch of some of Japan’s greatest master gardeners.

  • Fusuma Paintings

    In historical shukubo there are many fusuma (paper-covered doors) which have been painted in ages past by some of the most famous artists in Japanese history.

  • Bath

    Shukubo offer large public baths where you can experience the bathing culture of Japan. Soaking in a bath can wash all the weariness of the journey from you.

  • Rooms and facilities

    The rooms offer a traditional Japanese atmosphere with tatami mats and fusuma doors, while also being equipped with air-conditioning to allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Shojin ryori - traditional vegetarian fare

    This is the traditional cuisine of the monks, done according to Buddhist precepts. The meals are purely vegetarian, with no meat or fish used.