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Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital

Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital is part of the Tokushukai Group, the third largest corporate group of medical institutions in the world. The hospital excels in heart surgery and has earned a solid reputation as a cutting-edge premorbid treatment facility. Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital’s considerable achievements have enabled it to further enhance its facilities, including a four-storey annex opened in 2006 with PET and CT scanning technology, an out-patient surgery as well as dialysis and examination facilities.

Heart Surgery

Ranking based on number of heart surgeries performed:

Japan: No. 7 (No. 5 among private medical institutions)

Kinki Region: No. 2 (No. 1 among private medical institutions)

Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital
Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital

Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital opened in 1975 as the second Tokushukai hospital in Daito City, Osaka, and is now an indispensable, trusted hospital in the area. It is also one of the few hospitals in the Kansai region to have the latest tomotherapy radiation therapy equipment.

Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital
Tominaga Hospital has gained a high reputation for its surgical achievements since its establishment as a specialist neurosurgical hospital. An extensive line-up of state-of-the-art medical technology enables the dedicated professionals at Tominaga Hospital to do great work in the field of preventative treatment and early detection of life-threatening intracranial disorders diseases such as strokes and brain aneurysms.

Brain Surgery

Ranking based on number of brain surgeries performed

For cerebral aneurysms        

Japan: No. 2 (No. 1 among incorporated private medical institutions)

Kinki Region: No. 1

For brain tumors

Japan: No. 10

Kinki Region: No. 2

These are just a few of the many medical institutions around Japan with which we work.
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