Treatment Plan

In the event your checkup reveals any abnormalities, we will promptly explain the best options for you. We will arrange for treatment and even surgery upon request.
Remember, the cure rate for cancer, strokes, heart diseases, and other high-mortality diseases dramatically increases with effective, early treatment by reliable doctors.

Tomotherapy Radiation Treatment

Radiation is applied to the affected areas, avoiding normal tissue.

Tomotherapy is intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) conducted using a specialized machine controlled by a high-precision supercomputer. Simply, the patient lies on a computer-controlled bed that is rotated while doses of radiation are applied.

Tomotherapy is a non-surgical, gentle-on-the-body treatment that applies pinpoint radiation directly to cancer cells and tumor tissue for complete destruction. Existing radiation therapies were not as effective as tomotherapy because the deformation range of the radiation beam could not be set as accurately.
Medical treatment approximation fee is about 700,000 yen to 2,000,000 yen.
*More details about fee, please contact us.

Tomotherapy Radiation Treatment
Multiple lesions or whole tumors can be continuously treated at one time

Tomotherapy radiation treatment targets the whole tumor and treats complex cancer lesions and multiple lesions by applying pinpoint radiation to small cancer lesions using Gamma Knife or CyberKnife technology. While pins must be attached to the cranium in existing brain tumor treatment to accurately locate the tumor, the pins are not fixed in tomotherapy.

A CT scan is used to determine the position of the cancer before treatment begins

Tomotherapy allows for easy confirmation of the position of the cancer lesion with a CT scan to ensure accurate, precise radiation exposure. Also, the focal dose can be increased with fewer adverse effects on the normal tissue.

Safer with fewer complications

The risk of secondary diseases and complications, such as infections or paralysis from surgery, are almost non-existent. Tomotherapy is the ideal stress-free treatment for people at risk from ordinary surgery, people with complications, or people who are anxious about undergoing surgery due to age concerns.

Greatly reduced patient burden

Tomotherapy’s effectiveness is greater than radiation therapy using a standard linear accelerator (LINAC) because radiation is concentrated exclusively on the cancer lesions. The radiation side effects therefore are reduced and the treatment takes less time. What is more, fewer treatments are required, which means fewer burdens—physical and financial! Treatment can be undertaken on an outpatient basis and claimed on insurance (with the exception of some cancers).

Tomotherapy Procedure

Only 30 minutes of radiation a day! Spend the rest of the day as you like!

Using tomotherapy, radiation treatment places less of a physical burden on the patient. The number of treatments will differ depending on the tumor or cancer, but will generally range between 10 and 40 treatments of approximately 30 minutes a day. You do not need to be hospitalized and can lead an ordinary life while undergoing a course of treatment.

An examination is conducted to determine whether tomotherapy is a suitable treatment for the cancer.
2.Treatment Plan
A CT scan is taken to plan the treatment, and the treatment schedule is set.
Radiation treatment begins.
(Irradiation time is approximately 30 minutes depending on the radiation range.)
4.Treatment Complete
Various tests are conducted to determine the treatment’s effectiveness. If the tests show no problems, treatment is complete.




Tomotheraphy treatment

A typical day of tomotherapy
(assuming accommodation at the Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka in Namba)

Wake up
Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the Fraser Residence.

You are free to spend the morning as you please. Why not take a brisk stroll around the neighborhood? Business people may wish to use this time to check e-mails and get on with work.




Travel to the hospital for tomotherapy.

Arrive at the hospital.
After changing into a gown and undergoing a brief physical examination, radiation treatment begins (lasts for between 15 and 20 minutes).
Once the treatment is complete, feel free to take a short rest.

Leave the hospital to return to Fraser Residence.

Arrive at Fraser Residence. Your tomotherapy treatment commitments for today are done, and you are free to spend the rest of the day as you please.

Why not wander around the vicinity and do some shopping? Fraser Residence is in the district of Namba and, as it is located close to many shopping precincts and commercial facilities, offers a great shopping experience.

Namba has innumerable restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine from around the world. From individuals to large families, gourmets to casual diners, there’s something for everyone.
Back to Fraser Residence to relax
The serviced apartments of Fraser Residence have generous space for guests to stretch out and relax in—just like at home.

Don’t forget to make any necessary preparations for the following day before heading to bed. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

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